Automatic grease and oil lubricators
that are
reliable, efficient, and affordable

Wear and friction are significant cost factors in the maintenance of all equipment. Every year the outlay related to insufficient lubrication runs into the millions. And when the resulting downtime is factored in, the cost is even greater.We are committed Waterpumpto helping you keep your bottom line low. In this spirit, we keep our own operations lean with minimal overheads. This allows us to pass the savings on to you. For these reasons, regular lubrication is essential to running an efficient operation. AGS offers a range of products to help ensure that happens. No matter what your lubrication requirements are, we can help you improve your program with our reliable yet affordable equipment.

125 & 475 unitsOur most popular lubrication devices are the AGS 125 and the AGS 475 single-point automatic lubricators. These are the most versatile and sophisticated of all the single-point units on the market today. They can be programmed to suit any frequency and dose of grease or oil for over a year.

Central lube plantIf you want a multi-point system, we offer a range of Central Lubrication Plants which can lubricate 2 to 21 greasing points simultaneously. They are programmable and come in 2 models with pressure up to 280 bar.

If your work environment has limited space, we can offer the AGS magnetic pump which is compact in design but with up to 8 greasing points and a maximum pressure of 60 bar (870 psi).

AGS Does the Job

Look through our web site and you will see that AGS has the answer to all your lubrication needs. The latest technology and guaranteed performance for every greasing requirement. Safe, efficient, rugged and economical. Precision control for automatic greasing up to 18 months.

Take control over the efficiency of your lubrication system with the AGS automatic lubrication approach. Stop wastage, reduce downtime, and improve your bottom line with AGS. Products you can rely on.

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